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Why Retailers Embrace the Magic of Magnetic Signs

When most people think of magnetic signs, they picture interchangeable vehicle graphics. No offense to car magnets, but they're small potatoes compared to the dynamic displays Vomela produces for our clients!

The many benefits of magnetic signs make them ideal for retail establishments, from boutiques to big box stores. But before we explore the reasons why magnetic signs are so popular, let's explore how they're made.


How Are Magnetic Signs Made? 
Vomela's Magna-Mount® graphics systems offer engaging and user-friendly signage solutions for any business. The unique mounting system pairs perfectly with our printing capabilities. We custom-print graphics on cardstock that is then flood-coated with magnetic-receptive ferrous ink. The magnetized cardstock then fits into the mounting system.

The basic system only requires a simple installation with standard wall anchors. Magna-Mount can also be set up in configurations like column wraps, standalone systems, and hanging units. Vomela also offers a magnetic standee option featuring magnetic signage that can be changed out in seconds–see it in action in this video. Your Vomela account manager can provide more detailed specifications for designing graphics and displays.

What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Signs? 
Some of the benefits of magnetic signs are more obvious than others. Let's explore all the reasons why retailers love to incorporate magnetic signs into their store displays!

  • Flexibility. From advertising specific deals to creating point-of-sale displays, any campaign can benefit from a magnetic sign.
  • Durability. Magnetic signs are durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Quick and Easy to Change. Magnetic signs can be switched out by employees of any skill level without special tools.
  • Eco-friendly. Magnetic signs can be reused seasonally or as discounts or campaigns reoccur.
  • Easily Stored. Magna-Mount systems can break down without unsightly holes or mounting hardware sticking out.
  • Cost-Effective. Because the panels come in 18x18 or 24x24, they are less expensive to ship than full wall murals. They are also resuable making them cost-effective in the long term.

A Magnetic Sign Case Study 
Pratt Visual Solutions, a Vomela company, partnered with Floor & Décor to develop a magnetic sign concept for their 125 store locations. The goal was to feature products in a way that store associates could easily update as promotions changed.

The large, 5' x 3' magnetic base sign could be left in place and overlaid with an easily interchangeable magnet-receptive graphic. The overlay graphics are quick and easy for store associates to manage and are cost-effective on both reusability and shipping costs. Click here to read more.

When your retail establishment needs custom signs for promotions, displays, and point-of-sale information, remember the benefits of magnetic signs. Contact your Vomela account manager for guidance on developing design concepts and structural plans!

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