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6 Ways to Personalize Direct Mail in Banking


65% of consumers say they have cut ties with a brand after one sub-par experience, so differentiating your business by personalizing direct mail could be beneficial to not only you, but your customer's experience as well. With the decrease in bank center visits, each interaction should be memorable for the customer, whether in person, online, or through the mail. Personalizing your marketing strategy will change the way your customers perceive your brand. Help your customers see their trips to the bank as more than just another errand to check off their to-do list.

It Starts with Data

You most likely have data on your customers, but are you utilizing it? By using the Variable Data Printing service offered through The Vomela Companies, you can use this information to push your marketing strategy even further. This then turns into a cycle of using the data you previously gathered to collect more over time. Not only will your customers appreciate the personalized touch, but it can help boost your company’s click through and open rates if you choose to optimize the data through electronic communication.

Make it Relevant

With all the online spam being received, it is easy to block or ignore messages for being too intrusive and irrelevant. By taking the time to target your mailer to subjects that interest your customer, you'll build a connection with the customers and save printing costs.

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Make Them an Individual

Changing the infamous ‘dear valued customer’ to your customer's specific name can move your mail from the junk pile to the keep pile. If it doesn’t appear that you have taken the time to even put their name on the envelope, then it’s not worth taking a second look. A personalized piece of mail can feel like getting a present in the mail in the days of endless email spam.

Make it Your Own

Showing that you take the time to personalize what you send to your consumers can give a face to your business past the transactions that are expected. It gives them the sense that your institution is more welcoming. Another advantage of direct mail is being able to design the postcards, booklets, or envelopes, to represent your institution to a T. Choosing from a variety of colors, textures, prints, graphics, and so much more can tell your customer your story with hardly any words at all.

Email and Mail Reminders

A simple survey after a visit or consultation at the bank can show your customer that you care about what they have to say and want to improve their experience based on that feedback. Reminders could also be used to offer new services relevant to that customer, keeping them up to date on assistance they could be receiving from you. 

Keep it Simple

By using the ‘less is more’ mentality, you can draw the attention of your customers. Keeping the elements simple and straight to the point can intrigue the customer without being too overwhelming.

To see what we have already done with this type of service, check out this case study!


By Jenna Doege, Marketing Intern


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