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8 Reasons You Should Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Since the first online sale in 1994, ecommerce has grown exponentially over time. Particularly in the last five years, the number of websites with ecommerce capabilities has exploded. There are currently 7.9 million online retailers in the world and 2.1 million of them are in the United States.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, ecommerce has no storefront displays to draw in customers. Similarly, most of these businesses cannot afford to advertise in traditional radio or television channels like large retailers can. Instead, ecommerce businesses have to build a marketing strategy largely made up of online tactics. So how can print fit into this strategy?


1. Expand Your Audience

Not surprisingly, Millennials and Gen X spend 50% more time on online shopping than the older generations. And Gen Z? They're online constantly. This is not to say that older Americans aren't shopping online, but their habits likely differ. Instead of searching online for a product they want to buy, many older shoppers go directly to a site they trust to make a purchase.

By incorporating a print campaign into your marketing strategy, you can reach this demographic through their preferred medium. You can then direct them to your website, where they can make an informed sale from a retailer they "know."

2. Boost Your Social Media Following

Believe it or not, a print campaign can affect your social media follower count. By displaying your social media handles clearly and including a call to action, you can encourage buyers to follow your channels to catch exclusive deals, see behind-the-scenes content, and more. Ultimately, more followers leads to more revenue.

3. Target Your Ideal Personas

Through market research, you've likely determined key attributes that represent your ideal buyers for different products or lines. By creating personas from these attributes, you can segment your audience and target each market more effectively.

Personalization takes persona marketing a step further and has been shown to drive online sales by as much as 10%. It's also been shown that only 15% of companies are using personalization technology to its fullest extent--meaning you can reach for a larger market share if you implement this strategy.


4. Promote Content Marketing Efforts

Any of the content you develop as part of your content marketing strategy can be repurposed for your print campaign. This includes articles, visuals, product photos and descriptions, infographics, and more. Not only is it efficient to reuse content you already have, it also solidifies your brand when you incorporate branding elements across all platforms.

For example, your brochure can include an article summary that drives people to your blog to read the full piece. Once on your site, a purchase is only a click away.


5. Encourage Buyers to Shop Local

Shop Local is a social movement that has developed over the last several years. It's simple to launch a local campaign, since market research and sale data can show you where your prospects or customers are. Use this data to create EDDM campaigns in areas concentrated areas. You can also run campaigns in areas where you have warehouses and provide shipping discounts to encourage buyers to take action.

6. Focus on Customer Retention

Business owners know that finding repeat business is more efficient than trying to convert new prospects. Create a campaign for your current customers, and your ROI will be much higher than a prospect campaign. Return customers also spend 15% more over the course of a year.

7. Encourage Referrals

It's human nature to trust the experiences and recommendations of your peers over an untested product or company. Include testimonials, online reviews, and media recognition in your print marketing to acquire new customers. This feedback can also boost brand trust in your current buyers by showing them that they are one of many happy customers.


8. Increase Your Email Marketing Reach

Even though you’re using print marketing, you can still combine it with digital marketing techniques. A mail piece with a call to action regarding your email marketing list is the perfect example. Encourage prospects and customers to opt-in to your email list for exclusive deals, product launch updates, and more insider information. You'll have their permission to email them and your ROI goes up because email is inexpensive!


Contact your Vomela Commercial representative for more information on direct mail and ideas for your next mail piece!


Jul 07, 2021 |

Topics: Retail, direct mail, Printing, ecommerce

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