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A Basic Guide to Planning Fleet Graphics

Whether it's a large national fleet or a small local business, you want to feel confident that your fleet graphics reflect your identity as a brand. Those rolling billboards play a huge role in establishing who you are and what you can do for your customers. 

When it comes to fleet graphics, it's important to get it right the first time. In this post, we’ll explore why fleet advertising is a must-have, as well as how to plan, compare, and select the right provider. 

Why Fleet Graphics?

When it comes to outdoor advertising, fleet graphics are truly in a league of their own. In addition to being an "always-on" branding solution, the cost per impression is pennies on the dollar compared to other forms of outdoor advertising. Download our fleet guide to learn more about the cost benefits of wrapping your fleet.

Download Our Fleet Graphics Guide

Other Benefits


The American Trucking Association found that 98 percent of consumers feel as though fleet graphics create a positive image for the company they represent, while 96 percent found fleet graphics to be more impactful than other forms of outdoor media. 


Fleet graphics aren’t just for the road! They work 24/7, as you can park fleet vehicles in higher visibility areas of your property, leading to increased exposure around the clock. 


Most fleet vehicles stay within a certain region of the country. Fleet graphics can be customized to appeal to the most important demographics within that region, and each region design can be different. 


Advances in material and adhesive technology allow for plenty of flexibility in fleet wrapping. Whatever your needs, fleet graphics can meet them. Want to change them on a regular basis? Go with a more temporary adhesive that allows for easy removal. Want them to last a while? Go with a durable substrate and a permanent adhesive.

Common Challenges

The inherent challenge of any fleet project boils down to logistics. Rolling out a new fleet graphics program takes planning, organization, and considerable resources, especially if it's happening in more than one location.

Your printing partner can help. As one of the largest fleet suppliers in the US, The Vomela Companies have printing and installation facilities located across the nation—making local or far-reaching roll-outs seamless. Our approach is all about keeping your fleet on the road by providing a highly streamlined and synchronized process to graphic updates for any size fleet (from 1 to 10,000+).

Choosing the Right Partner

In the planning process, you should establish every detail you can in advance. Try to get an understanding for budget, fleet size, fleet location, time frame, and the lifetime of your wrap. When the time comes to choose a provider, the right printer will be able to draw on their experience and capabilities to cover all your bases.

Once you’ve made your plan, we’d love to talk about how we can help you and your fleet advertising. Give us a call today at The Vomela Companies!

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Aug 18, 2020 |

Topics: Fleet & Transit, fleet graphics

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