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What Can Print Do for Arts & Entertainment?

Creative print solutions can make or break an art or entertainment event. Most event spaces are pretty nondescript, and it's up to the organizers to partner with a print provider that can truly transform a room. At The Vomela Companies, it’s our zeal for problem solving, for getting it right every time, that keeps our clients coming back for more. No matter the size or scope of your project, whether you’re purchasing for a single gallery exhibit or managing a global sporting event, you want a print partner with a wealth of experience and the capacity to get things done on time.

What can print do for Arts & Entertainment? Here are just a few examples...

Outdoor Signage for an exhibit

Advances in material and adhesive technology allow for a lot of possibilities in outdoor graphics. A variety of permanent or temporary substrates and adhesives allow you control over your graphics; make a splash for a short gallery run, or we can help you find approaches that ensure a longer-lasting material that stands up to tough conditions.


Gallery Elements



Branded Backgrounds for Your Keynote Speakers

michelleobama.jpgMore Impact Awards 

Hanging Elements & Banners

Hanging displays are a unique way to get noticed and help set the mood for an event. They can add excitement to a space, make a statement at a major event, or even serve as an opportunity for wayfinding signage.

Some uses for hanging displays at arts & entertainment events include banners, halos, signage, posters, and customized elements.


Ballroom dancing event signage

major Sporting events

No major sporting event is complete without a ton of vibrant, eye-catching graphics. From stadiums to sidewalks (and everything in between), you name the surface and The Vomela Companies have applied graphics to it. When we call ourselves experts, we're not just cheering for the home team; we can back it up.

Having covered multiple Super Bowls, the MLB All-Star Game, the New York City Marathon, and so many more large-scale and time-sensitive events, we know what it takes to provide a high quality product with high quality service. Don't just take our word for it; check out our work with the Minnesota Vikings.




step outside the box

If you can imagine it, we can bring your idea to life—just like this fun Mr. Robot ferris wheel we worked on for SXSW. Our longstanding history of exhibit and large-event success minimizes risk and provides exceptional peace of mind for clients. We can tap into our large network of print experts to creatively problem-solve while significantly lowering overall costs. A genuine commitment to superior customer service and process improvement reduces errors and makes for a better experience for all involved.



SXSW Outdoor graphics for Mr. Robot ferris wheel

From movie premiers and gallery openings, to a 66,000-seat football stadium facelift, The Vomela Companies' large network of specialists can deliver stunning print solutions for any occasion.

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Apr 04, 2018 |

Topics: arts & entertainment

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