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What Happens After the Big Event?

Any large-format event requires a wide variety of work – from logistical preparations to safety precautions, there are a lot of moving pieces. Another critical element to consider is your print graphics decor; how will you be transforming the space? 

There are plenty of ways to utilize print graphics and print marketing at a large event to make sure your brand and your company not only stand out, but are showcased in a way that conveys your message to attendees. But what happens when the party ends? What steps will you need to take to make sure your event and graphics are as efficient as possible, so that you can get out of the venue as quickly as possible? 

In this post, we’ll discuss how choosing the right partner ensures a painless event at the start, finish, and afterwards. 

Types of Events

If you’ve never thrown a large-scale event before, you might be wondering if print graphics are necessary for your specific function. Maybe you’re hosting a trade show, or a gallery opening, or even coordinating a big race like a marathon. At first, you might not put print marketing near the top of your list of priorities, but every event is an opportunity to use graphics to make an impression on those in attendance. 

Print marketing can occur in a lot of different ways. Whether you're creating a wall mural or sending a direct mail campaign, there's a wide variety of options that can work for your budget as well as the needs of your brand and event. 

For something like a museum or gallery opening, you can take advantage of point-of-purchase graphics placed near the entrance to welcome visitors. For a race, like a marathon, you can wrap graphics around pillars or create banners along the track. The possibilities are almost endless; it really comes down to what your needs and budget are.

Saving Costs Through Print Graphics 

Events can get expensive in a hurry. Finding ways to reduce costs and stay under your budget is vital. Working together with your trusted print marketing partner can help you increase the efficiency of your graphics. 

For example, instead of purchasing only one-time print graphics, you can work with your print partner to combine temporary graphics with more permanent solutions. If you use a Point-of-Purchase graphic during your event, you can often use the base or pieces of the structure for future signs. 

In the above-mentioned marathon, Vomela worked to offer aluminum columns that could be snapped together and reused. Each year, the marathon only needs new fabric, instead of entirely new columns. Talk to your provider about how you can increase efficiency for your event and brand. 

Time Sensitive Venues

In many cases, for functions like trade shows and speaking events, the venue of your event is a rented space, meaning there is a specific time you need to be completely moved out. This also includes your print graphics. 

It’s important to be careful when choosing a print partner for many reasons, and especially in an event where you’ll need to clear out all print marketing materials at the end of the event without leaving any marks or scuffs on the floors and walls. A quality print partner will have a team on hand to not only install your graphics before the event, but also to safely remove them once it’s over. 

Quality As a Priority

At the Vomela Companies, quality is our number one priority. During installations of both temporary and permanent print graphics, it’s vital to use high-quality materials. If you’re removing a sign that’s just going to be replaced by another sign, you might get away with a lesser adhesive, but surfaces like drywall and aluminum need proper care. 

Our team will help with your entire event, installing high quality, 3M vinyl using 3M adhesive, and other top-shelf products. We will work with you to make sure your event is a smooth success when it comes to print marketing, taking the time to not only install but also remove your print graphics so that you don’t lose a cent on fines for damages or late departure. 

Are you planning an upcoming event and would like to begin planning your print marketing? Our expert team is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can take your event to the next level, no matter what your industry is.

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Sep 08, 2020 |

Topics: arts & entertainment, partner

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