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Brand Opportunities of a Large Fleet

The benefits of having a fleet of vehicles in your business, especially a large fleet, can’t be overstated. Specifically, having a large fleet not only allows you to deliver more of your product or services to more places, but also gives you far more branding real estate and presence than you would otherwise have. 

You’ve no doubt noticed branded graphics on the fleets of other companies, so you probably have an idea of the kind of awareness good fleet branding can drive for your business. Not only does it work to spread your brand, but it allows for passive, 24-hour branding in the markets that matter most. In fact, your fleet might already be branded with graphics, but those graphics could use an overhaul to bring your fleet to the next level. 

Here are a few reasons why you should take advantage of your fleet’s presence and seize the branding opportunity. 


Fleet Branding Is Relatively Inexpensive Compared to Other Advertising Options

When you advertise with your fleet through graphics, just one vehicle gives you hundreds of impressions a day for your brand. Beyond the initial cost of the graphics and the costs of keeping the fleet on the road, you don’t pay a dime for what is effectively a massive advertising presence. 

The cost of other forms of traditional advertising, meanwhile, is considerably higher for the same number of impressions. According to a study by 3M, the advertising totals for other mediums can be staggeringly higher. 

For instance, television is a major money sink, costing $23.70 per thousand impressions. Magazine advertising isn’t far off at $21.46 per thousand. Radio advertising, while much cheaper than television or magazine advertising, comes in at $7.75 per thousand. 

And the total for fleet graphics? $0.48 per thousand, or almost 50 times less expensive than a television ad and 16 times less than a typical radio ad. 


Fleet Branding Resonates With Customers, Especially Local Ones

When it comes to building brand awareness, not just any market will do. You want to spread your branding message to people who will buy your products and services, so advertising locally is a big deal. 

People, it turns out, also respond generally well to fleet graphics compared to other similar advertising mediums. 

Research by the American Trucking Association found 98 percent of customers believe fleet graphics create a positive image for their company. 96 percent think fleet branding is more effective than other outdoor media, such as billboards or store signage. That’s hard to ignore.  

In the case of most companies, the fleets will largely operate in a local market or a few markets. This means that people who are most able to purchase products or services from your business will have visibility into your brand. Your fleets share the roads with your potential customers, and even strategically parking your fleet in visible areas can create a much-needed branding boost. The larger your fleet, the more you benefit from branded graphics. 


Fleet Branding Doesn’t Have to Put a Halt To Your Business

One of the fears of a branding overhaul for a large fleet is that the process could take too much time and impact the operations of the business. This is a valid concern, but it’s more than possible to find a team of professionals that can make branding your fleet feel seamless. 

Whether you have 1 vehicle or 10,000 in your fleet, a good printing partner can brand your entire fleet without disrupting business. You will still be able to keep your fleet on the road through strategic logistical planning, planning you would do anyways to maximize the effectiveness of your fleet.  

Don’t let turnaround time stand in the way of seizing a major branding opportunity for your business. To learn more about planning your own fleet graphics, click the link below.

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Sep 10, 2019 |

Topics: Fleet & Transit, fleet graphics

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