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Establishing Trust with Modern Customers

In today's retail climate, we can expect customers to return to their favorite stores in a different way than they did before. It’s up to retailers to establish renewed trust between their brand and their audience. 

Loyal customers who return repeatedly to your business are a high priority, and that’s a demographic to focus on as we return to a new normal in the wake of a crisis. Using print graphics, you can communicate, educate, and engage with your audience. And we can help. 

An Educated Consumer

Today's customers know a lot about advertising. They understand that their favorite companies have and use their information – such as their name and mailing address – to better understand how they can improve customer experience. It's the retailer's job to make sure they're providing as much value as possible while respecting boundaries in the way they choose to market to new and existing customers.

Print graphics like direct mail and point-of-purchase signage are a great way to put customer demographics to use. Sales and other promotions can be tailored to fit different regions in the country. Direct mail can address customers by name and offer them discounts on their favorite products. With today's educated consumer, you can provide personalized value in the form of printed graphics.

Consistent Brand Experience

When crafting messages for your audience, whether it's safety signage or seasonal promotions, it’s vital to keep those messages consistent with your brand. Your aim should be to find the balance between sharing important information while staying true to your identity as a company.

Consistent branding is especially important to returning customers who have come to know and trust your brand. Even small variations in image color or quality can affect the way your brand is perceived both in-store and online. Choosing a quality print partner is an important part of ensuring that physical graphics represent your brand the way it deserves to be represented.

Use Print Graphics to Build Trust

With modern print graphics, the opportunities are endless when it comes engaging with customers. Wayfinding signage, wall graphics, point-of-purchase displays, and direct mail are just the beginning. Let customers know how your business is adapting to the ongoing crisis, and remind them that you're ready to continue providing value.

At Vomela, we have a network of creative and print specialists ready to help you deliver striking messaging in all your print graphics needs. A trusted print partner will guide you through not just the beginning of your campaign, but all the way from design to installation.

We're here for you as you meet the challenge of safely reopening and communicating to customers. Contact us today to partner with a print graphics team you can trust.

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Oct 13, 2020 |

Topics: Retail, covid-19

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