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How Will Fleet Graphics Change in the 2020's?

The first fleet graphics were around long before the fleets we’re familiar with today. Before semi-trucks and cargo vans, people were advertising their brands on the sides of stage coaches, trains, and every other moving surface they could find. In doing so, they were setting the stage for a rich history of iconic fleet branding.

As our modes of transportation continue to change, so too will our approach to branding our fleets. With conversations around autonomous vehicles, ride sharing, and advances in print graphics technology, we’re seeing all sorts of new ways to capture attention on the road.

Digital Technology

Advances in technology create opportunities in every industry, and fleet especially stands to benefit. More than ever before, consumers are craving memorable experiences that stick with them long after a vehicle has driven by, and digital technologies are a great way to create those experiences.

Mobile phones are a great example of technology that can be implemented with the use of print graphics. QR codes and augmented reality programs can create interactive experiences with customers by allowing them to engage with a printed piece to learn more about your brand. As a bonus, these technologies open new avenues for connecting with potential customers digitally.

Fleet Technology

Fleet Sharing – Just as we’ve seen a surge in ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber, some companies are moving away from “closed-circuit” vehicle fleets and instead opting to rent vehicles on an as-needed basis to reduce downtime. This has major implications on branding opportunities, since fleet graphics are one of the most cost-effective media available. By using temporary graphics and other new materials, a print provider can help these organizations find modern ways to leverage their fleet opportunities.

Autonomous/Connected Vehicles – Self-driving transportation is a hot topic, and one of the main benefits is efficiency. The idea is that cars and truck will experience less downtime and use fewer resources. From a branding perspective, that makes every vehicle that much more visible, which means the message you’re sending with your fleet graphics becomes even more influential per vehicle.

Print Technology

We’re always innovating in the print world, and transportation remains an industry of focus. New substrates come out every year that can do things like change color, reflect light, and create new experiences for drivers and consumers alike. Print experts like the people at Vomela are always learning about how to take the best new technologies and turn them into memorable brand experiences on the road.

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Jan 21, 2020 |

Topics: Fleet & Transit, fleet graphics

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