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Maintaining Your Brand in a Changing Marketplace

From our expert Mary McCahey, VP of Sales & Corporate marketing at The Vomela Companies. Check out this content, as well as more content like it, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

A brand is never finished; it’s the living face of your company, creating a lasting impression for your customers. When creating branded communications, you need to be sure you’re doing so in a way that consistently reaffirms your brand promise while moving it forward in the marketplace. Here are some factors to consider when printing a new branding system:


Central to every brand is its color palette. From a design perspective, the psychological impact of colors can have a huge effect on your brand. In a storefront or retail setting, even a slight difference in the color between print graphics can negatively affect the continuity of your space. From a print perspective, that means you should be working with a vendor that can deliver consistently.


Consumers expect quality, and not just from the product or services they’re buying. They also want to see it exemplified in the way your brand is being promoted, whether it’s a vibrant window graphic or a helpful point-of-purchase sign. Make sure the materials you’re using tell your unique brand story.


Creating a solid brand means proving to your customers that you’re always thinking ahead. Brand communications and signage should constantly push
creative boundaries to assure consumers of your commitment to innovation.


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Jul 18, 2018 |

Topics: graphics, print, branding

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