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Pep Rally: Engaging Students with Print Graphics

From Preschool to Grad School, every student can benefit from engaging and educational environmental graphics. The physical learning environment is an important aspect of the daily education experience, and there are many opportunities to positively impact every student’s day. While the messaging of signage and print graphics will differ vastly among age groups and geographies, we can start by taking a look at some of the unique challenges schools and colleges are facing while engaging with their student body.

Branding for School Spirit

The benefits of establishing a brand reach far beyond recognition or profitability. Creating a recognizable look and feel around a school can instill a sense of school spirit in students, faculty, and the community. High-quality window and wall graphics are a great way to feature the school colors, mascot, messaging, and so much more. Students are eager to be proud of what they do, and a cohesive school brand will help them represent it.

Educational Engagement

No matter the level of education, there’s a place in the classroom and hallways for educational posters and banners. The content should be interesting and accessible, but not overly stimulating. It’s important to create a relaxing learning environment while offering valuable information to those who seek it. For examples of these types of graphics, check out Learning ZoneXpress, a Vomela Company.

Physical Considerations

Once you’ve established a brand and settled on some key messaging for your student body, you’re ready to install print graphics. Here are some recommended considerations for educational settings: 

  • Durability: Classrooms, cafeterias, and gymnasiums can be extreme environments for print graphics. In these settings, it's wise to use sturdy substrates, potentially coated in a material that protect them from all matter of contact.
  • Longevity: How long are your graphics staying up? Temporary graphics or signage can be created with more cost-effective materials, whereas permanent graphics will benefit from the highest quality materials in the long run.
  • Installation: For large or complicated projects, it’s wise to work closely with an experienced print provider. They’ll be able give valuable insight into which substrates work best with certain surfaces. They’ll also be able to provide a local, certified installation team to make sure the job is done right the first time.
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Nov 06, 2018 |

Topics: graphics, print, education

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