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Health Focus: Print Graphics in Sensitive Settings

Hospitals and clinics are sensitive operations. In every aspect of a medical environment, care must be taken to prioritize patient safety and confidentiality. When a print provider like The Vomela Companies partners with a major healthcare system, we make sure to take the initiative to set ourselves apart as a destination for data security and patient safety. Here’s what that looks like:

HIPAA & More

Between our 23 (and growing) locations, we enjoy access to a variety of industry-specific certifications. For example, when we fulfill patient outreach campaigns such as direct mail pieces, we’re dealing directly with confidential healthcare data. To ensure compliance, we turn to Vomela network company Elk Grove Graphics and their dedication to keeping their processes HIPAA compliant. Healthcare clients can rest easy knowing their patients’ data is in the hands of a knowledgeable team that has worked extensively within the healthcare field. Other network certifications like SOCII compliance (data handling), G7 certification (system calibration), and ISO 9001 (quality management) make us the right choice for a variety of industries. 

Professional Installation Services

We maintain close working relationships with quality graphics installers nationwide. There are many benefits to maintaining a network of trusted installers; we can ensure efficiency by working with installers that are local to each region while also expecting the highest level of professionalism in our clients’ spaces. This is just one of the benefits The Vomela Companies enjoy as a large network print provider, and there are plenty more.

Online Ordering Systems

Downtime in a professional setting is rarely a good thing, and that’s especially true in healthcare. Online ordering systems allow clients the freedom to request new or replacement print graphics on an as-needed basis. This mutually beneficial relationship between a printer and a healthcare provider creates a more efficient ordering system that can lower costs and speed up production times. For important signage like safety guidelines, hospital wayfinding, and brand building campaigns, speed and efficiency is essential.

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