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Print Graphics in a Digital Age

Print is an ancient technology. Before the printing press was invented in the fifteenth century, humans had been printing words and images in some form since around 200 A.D. It is a deeply ingrained aspect of our lifestyle and identity in cultures throughout the world.

Like any ancient technology, print has undergone an immense amount of change. Through the advent of new forms of transportation, communication, and industry, new demands have arisen that require constant advancement in the way our technologies interact.

So what does print look like in the modern age?

It's a Digital World

The most recent major advancement in printing technology was the arrival of the personal computer. The ability to design and print digital files on a reasonable budget has revolutionized the way we think about transforming the space around us. New machines are continually introduced to support digital production capabilities, allowing for faster turnaround times, flexible quantities, and more efficient production. There are still many applications for older methods of printing, and those have also needed changed with the times. 

Changing Consumer Expectations

As communication and information become even more on-demand than ever, customer expectations have changed dramatically throughout the entire marketplace. In the printing industry, that means meeting a need for fast, simple processes that keep up with the digital pace.

Printers like The Vomela Companies have adapted to this demand by offering digital ordering systems that solve many of the problems of decades past. Through a combination of digital print capabilities and online communication, we can fulfill our clients’ needs at costs and quantities that would have been out of the question without the efficiency of modern technology.

Where it was once necessary to stock large quantities of inventory for cost savings, we can now establish a relationship where clients order print graphics on-demand through an online portal.

Learn More About Online Ordering

 Project Management

With better technology comes the opportunity for better oversight. Digital tools make it easier and more interactive for clients to provide feedback on things like concepts, designs, and logistics. Improved communication means print experts have the ability to share knowledge across large networks of people. The right print provider will be taking full advantage of the resources at their disposal, so be sure to work with a printer that can fully leverage their network of experts

5 Benefits of a Large Network Print Partner.

Here to Stay

Trends and technology will continue to revolutionize the way we think about print, but they won’t eliminate our desire to transform the spaces where we live, work, and play. As long as we have stories to tell, we’ll need a way to represent them. When approaching a print project, choose a printer that can see the bigger picture.


Dec 17, 2019 |

Topics: print

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