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Reflecting Quality in Healthcare Through Print

Almost every industry finds value in making a great first impression, and that's especially true in the healthcare industry. Patients expect the highest quality care when it comes to their health, and it's important that they feel good about where they're receiving care.

Print graphics are one of the most powerful ways a healthcare facility can strike the right chord with their patients. From the first few seconds a patient steps through the doors of the lobby or waiting room, they are judging their surroundings - and you better believe they’re likely more aware than usual. Here are a few reasons an investment in high-quality print graphics make sense if you’re looking to go the extra mile for patients and visitors.

Healthcare Isn’t Cheap

Most Americans don’t have to be reminded about the costs associated with healthcare. When patients visit a healthcare facility, they want to feel like they're getting an experience that goes beyond just covering all of their bases. They want to feel healthy and comfortable.

It’s also worth remembering that patients usually have options. Unless you’re the only specialist in town, patients can take their business elsewhere if they feel they’re not receiving the right experience.

Investing in high-quality materials sets the tone for the patient’s overall experience before they even speak to personnel at a facility. Quality materials like  vinyl or fabric look great, but remember that quality installation of those materials matters, too. This could make a difference in a patient’s initial impression, which inevitably carries over into the healthcare services themselves.

Not Everyone Wants to Visit

Given a choice about how to spend their free time, you won’t find visiting healthcare facilities at the top of most peoples' priority list. Many patients will be regular, recurring visitors to their facility not because they want to go, but because their well-being requires it. When patients can walk into an office with the confidence that they’ll receive a good experience, they’re likely to remain loyal and continue looking to a facility as their “go-to.”

Attracting new patients may be a priority as well, depending on the type of facility. Keep those new patients in mind, but remember your returning patients. They're the ones in charge of your reputation, and many healthcare recommendations happen by word of mouth.

Investing in print materials for your design is effectively an investment in your recurring patients, signaling to them that their loyalty and trust pays off.

A Quality Print Partner Will Offer More Than Just Print Graphics

If you’re looking to make an investment in high-quality print design and go the extra mile for patient experience, you’ll likely look for and find an equally capable print partner. That print partner should give you more than just quality materials and installation, but also project management assistance and design consultation.

Healthcare facilities especially can benefit from a print partner that’s familiar with the industry. Antibacterial coatings and easily cleanable substrates are design options that are highly relevant to healthcare, and a mindful print partner will know how to implement those sort of specialty materials.

Talk to a Print Partner Today

Interested in setting up some print graphics in your location? Need help determining what designs make the most sense or if a design idea can be executed to match your vision?

Selecting the right partner can help you set up for success.

If you’re looking for a solution now, reach out today and we’ll connect with you!
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Jun 05, 2019 |

Topics: print, healthcare

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