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Shipping and Installation Considerations for Nationwide Fleets

Custom fleet wraps are an easy way to turn your ordinary vehicle into an extraordinary marketing tool. Fleet graphics transform vehicles into mobile billboards while providing uniformity to your brand identity. Every moment your fleet vehicles are out on the road is another opportunity to seize valuable impressions and exposure for your business. 


Timeliness is critical; one missed step has the potential  to delay the whole process, so make sure you work with a printer who can provide project management services. The time it takes for each step of a fleet wrap project will vary depending on your needs, but always be sure to include extra room in your timeline to allow for artwork changes, budget adjustments, delivery, and installation. Also consider that nationwide installation networks create opportunities to work on more efficient timelines. 


When you need support, you should be able to count on a national team of experts to guide you in product selection, design, and installation wherever your fleet is located. Success depends in large part on the institutional knowledge of your printer – because they've been there before. Partnering with a print provider like The Vomela Companies will provide access to a nationwide network of certified professionals to guide you in product selection, design and installation.

Final Delivery Date

Your printer should understand that it's all about keeping your fleet where it should be: on the road. By providing a highly streamlined and synchronized print and installation process to our clients, we're able to keep those rolling billboards on the open highway.

Fuel Your Brand

From design and engineering to production and installation, our team covers all the bases. Whether it’s a one-off specialty job or a nationwide fleet redesign, we deliver quality every time. If you'd like to learn more about fleet graphics, contact us today.

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Jun 12, 2019 |

Topics: Fleet & Transit, fleet graphics, transportation

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