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The 3 P's of Packaging You Need to Know

More than any other printed items, we see product packaging throughout each day. So often, we take it for granted. But if you're a product seller, you need to consider a lot more than just a pretty package. You need to consider the three P's of packaging.

Between marketing and logistics, product packaging has a large job. As a marketing piece, the package gives information about the product and serves as a critical advertisement of the product. On a logistical level, the package delivers the product safely and efficiently. Considering the three P's—protection, print markings, and perceived value—is the best way to design a well-rounded package.

1. Protection of the Product

No one wants broken product, and no company wants a reputation for faulty products. When it comes down to it, the real purpose of a product package is to deliver the product to the consumer safely.

While this may sound simple, there are so many questions to consider:

  • Supply chain management: How will the items be shipped and delivered? Will they need protection from heat, cold, or humidity? Are there weight requirements for delivery?
  • Storage/display considerations: Will the product be stored on pallets? How will it be displayed on shelves? How long does the packaging need to hold up? Are there anti-theft or tampering considerations that need to be made?
  • Legal requirements: Does the package need to follow FDA compliance?
  • Sustainability: Does the package need to be constructed from recycled materials? Will it be recycled after use?

2. Print Markings

Print markings covers a lot of different aspects of packaging design. You'll need it to convey the brand clearly and uphold branding standards of the seller. It needs to describe the benefits of the product and act as a last line of advertising. You need to consider state and federal labeling compliance, which has to be followed to the letter. You even need to consider how it will look on a shelf next to its competitors. Bottom line, the printing on your package will make or break your sales.

In addition to these longstanding needs, the 21st Century brings with it new considerations. In our "Instagram Generation," 40% of consumers will share an image of packaging on social media. People even unbox products online in videos. Packaging aesthetics are more and more important as technology and social sharing spreads.


3. Perceived Value of the Product

It's just a fact: the higher quality the packaging, the higher the perceived value of the product. Industrial packaging can use low-cost methods as long as they are efficient and effective. A high-end cosmetic line, however, needs to invest more in their packaging to convey the brand's luxury.

Type of substrate is one place where an upgrade can shine. We can print directly on a variety of thicknesses of both paperboard and plastic. We have specialty substrates for food-safe products, moisture barriers, and other considerations. A specialty substrate called Invercote is a high-end option that allows for multi-step coating and printing. It also allows for foil stamping, laminating, and other high-end finishes.

This is a lot to take in, and perhaps you have questions. We are here to help! Vomela Commercial Group specializes in packaging and can guide you through these considerations. We have solutions for every product packaging question you can come up with!

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Mar 10, 2021 |

Topics: Commercial Print

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