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How to Engage Gen Z with Direct Mail

The digital natives of Gen Z are no strangers to the bombardment of digital ads. Using direct mail to connect with this demographic has the power to create a relationship with consumers that they can't get online. Direct mail is a tangible, personalized message that can break through the ad noise this generation has been conditioned to avoid.


Gen Z Characteristics and Values

According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z refers to those born between 1997 and 2012. They are the largest, most diverse generation and make up a fifth of the U.S. population. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z grew up during the rise of technology and social media. Averaging over 7 hours a day online, Gen Z are digital natives that turn to the internet to seek information.

The purchasing power of Gen Z is up to $300 billion with no signs of slowing down. While most mark Gen Z by their digital affinity, other common values dictate where they are spending money. They have a pragmatic view of the future, leading to more informed purchase decisions. This may be due to their finger on the pulse of issues such as climate change, social justice, and mental health, to name a few. When it comes to brands, authenticity and accountability are top of mind. Gen Zers want to see a strong sense of purpose that they can relate to.


The Opportunity for Direct Mail to Reach Gen Z Audiences

Because Gen Z consumers are subject to countless digital ads, they have learned to filter out ad noise and pay attention to what is relevant to them. This is known as “ad blindness” or “banner blindness.” Members of Gen Z may also be facing internet fatigue, getting exhausted by constant scrolling.

This is where direct mail comes in to save the day. Sending physical mail is a tactical method that creates an emotional and memorable connection that is more distinct than online channels. In fact, a recent Statista survey reported over 60 percent of Gen Z get excited to receive direct mail. If done the right way, direct mail can break through ad blindness and appeal to Gen Z's values.


5 Tips to Attract Gen Z to Direct Mail


1. Design to grab attention fast

The typical Gen Zer has an eight-second attention span, so eye-catching design is a must. Tap into your brand's creative side to make sure it lands in your audience’s hands instead of in the recycling bin. Be concise, use bold text, and incorporate design trends that Gen Z resonates with. Don't be afraid to experiment with specialty printing techniques that make the experience unique and interactive. Freebies like stickers or product samples can also elevate your direct mail game.


2. Personalize to gain trust

It's important for Gen Z to feel understood by a brand rather than representing a sales opportunity. Direct mail should be meaningful and tailored to the recipient. Even if you don’t have a massive database of information on your audience, personalization can be incorporated into your campaign. Simply start with using the person's name! You can also highlight testimonials from people like them, which shows social proof.


3. Keep sustainability in mind

One of the most prevalent issues that Gen Z cares about is the environment. This generation is adopting more sustainable behaviors, which is shifting their spending habits. Consider how your business can incorporate eco-friendly practices into its direct mail strategy, like minimizing the amount of paper used in mailers. Having a targeted marketing strategy can also reduce paper waste. Be transparent about company values and choose a partner that prioritizes sustainability—like Vomela.


4. Offer an enticing discount

Gen Zers love a good deal. A recent study reported that 80 percent of Gen Z will wait to buy something until it is on sale and 72 percent of Gen Z rank deals as the most effective direct mail strategy. If a money-conscious Gen Z consumer has been hesitant about buying something at full price, a QR code or link to a digital coupon could be the push they need to hit the order button.


5. Make it easy to find your online presence

Although direct mail can offer an experience that digital platforms lack, Gen Z still prefers to make purchases online. Including a QR code that leads to your website makes it easy for them to continue engaging with your company in the way that they know best. This can also be a tool for tracking how effective your direct mail efforts are and measuring your ROI on the campaign.


Are you looking for ways to upgrade your direct mail strategy to attract the Gen Z audience? Vomela has the tools and expertise to make outstanding print materials that are sure to grab their attention. Contact us today to learn more!

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