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The Importance of Branding in Higher Education

Bring your college or university brand to life with the right graphics and help drive engagement and school spirit. College and university brands are instrumental in increasing alumni contributions, local engagement, new student recruitment and sports attendance. Let's dive into the unique opportunities and importance of branding in higher education.

The Business Side of School Spirit

A strong school brand encourages students, faculty, alumni, parents and fans to demonstrate their spirit. School spirit isn't just a fluffy marketing idea. It translates to business objectives by feeding the energy of your potential and existing stakeholders.

Your university or college brand comes with history and legacy. Students feel proud to earn a diploma from the institution, local communities are interconnected with their high schools and colleges, and both students and the community band together to root for their teams.

Supporting your brand with the right print graphics and materials is crucial for brand awareness, increased exposure and differentiation from competitors.

Elevate Alumni Engagement

Branding is a key element in alumni engagement campaigns. Your brand evokes the legacy and tenure of alumni and reminds them of the impact the institution had, and continues to have, on their lives and careers.

Consider Direct Mail for College Print GraphicsOnce you’ve built the spirit and raised engagement, reaching out to your alumni base with unique and branded printed materials is a great way to stay top of mind. Direct mail, when used creatively and intentionally, cuts through the digital noise.


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Student Recruitment

Make an impression on students well before it’s time to choose a school. A full cohesive brand attracts new students and is a powerful recruitment tool. Students identify with a university beyond their major and connect to the broader campus culture. Where do they want to spend their time and money creating their identity, preparing for their careers, building friendships and making professional connections?

Every surface is an opportunity to make a statement boldly and simply. Consider large format banners, window graphics and wraps for:


Fleet Graphics on Campus and Local Transit

Raising local engagement can be as simple as wrapping a bus or train. Think about what modes of transportation they may be using, and what their reach is. If the number 6 line goes right through downtown to pick up a bunch of fans for the first home game of the year, a bus wrapped in your mascot and school colors is going to be far more memorable and easier to find.

Your campus fleet of vehicles, from maintenance vehicles to commuter shuttles, present another opportunity to spread your brand message. Check out examples of The Vomela Companies’ Fleet Graphics work here.

Sports Graphics

Fans love a dynasty. Love them or hate them, you probably know that the Packers are a fan-owned team. They’ve built their brand, and schools can do the same. By building a brand around a team, whether it’s about their legacy and dedication, or excitement about a legendary win-streak, it all leads to increased attendance as fans come to support their team.



Wear Your School Spirit On a Sleeve… Or Stadium

There’s a stark contrast between being a champion, and celebrating victory! Share your accomplishments in your stadiums builds a brand of excellence while boosting confidence and energy in your school. Whether you are state champs, hold state or college records or have any of a multitude of reasons to celebrate, use it! Make sure it’s displayed proudly where your students, alumni, and locals can celebrate. If nothing else, it’ll help fuel that home-field advantage as the crowd roars even louder.

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Jan 08, 2019 |

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