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The Top 6 Things You Should Be Getting From Your Print Partnership

From concept to installation, a print buying project demands planning, creative solutions, and collaboration with partners in various areas of expertise.

When you know what to expect during each phase of a print project and you trust your printing partner to provide the best solutions, your experience is more likely to be positive. So, what should you be getting out of your print partnership?

1. Creative Ideas and Solutions

Your printer should have the expertise to turn your ideas and into reality. They may be able to go above and beyond what you thought was possible, or take your idea in a new direction with materials and techniques that they know work best.

For example: Being willing to make your signs even an inch or two smaller can allow your printer to put two signs on the same page, reducing your printing costs. Flexibility around the materials used for your signs can be a source of savings, too. If you know the sign is only going to be up for a few days, it doesn't make sense to use a high-priced extra durable material. Something thinner can look just as nice and save some cash. Consult your printing rep—explain how you want to use the sign and ask for recommendations about the best material for the job. Your printing partner should be able to deliver!

2. A Resourceful Rep

Your rep should be one of your best resources. A good rep doesn't want to simply sell the product; they want to educate the customers, too. Your rep should provide samples of previously printed pieces, paper, ink draw downs, and more, just to be sure you will have a clear idea of what the finished product will look like. Also, a rep can be your ticket to a tour of the facility where your job will be printed. There's nothing like a hands-on experience of what it takes to finish a print job to help you understand the process. Your rep will also be able to provide you with specific instructions for how to supply pre-press with the right art files in the right format. And if you have technical issues packaging up your file, your rep can help.

3. Sharing Industry Expertise

Is your print partner offering an abundance of free resources for you and your team? A quality printer will share their expertise, providing educational resources, guides, videos and tools for customers. This is a win for both printer and customer—customers learn best practices and the partnership is strengthened with a smoother process and better results.

4. Installation Services

While not every print project will take installation, you should be able to rely on your print partner to coordinate installation when you need it. We coordinate nationally (and internationally) with installers who go to stores—or fleets for our vehicular wrap signage—and assist with the process of getting all the signage put in the proper place. Wall murals, window clings, exterior signage, table wraps—these are some common installation projects for QSR & Fast Casual.

5. Technology Solutions & Online Tools

Technology and IT Solutions may not the be the first thing you think of when considering a print partner. However, sophisticated companies are leveraging technology in ways that put the client in control and streamline the print buying process.

We're leading the way in this area with a client-branded virtual storefront. Counter cards, menu boards, beverage wraps/coats, along with marketing and promotional graphics, are the kinds of print projects you run on a recurring basis. One way that we streamline for our clients is through a virtual storefront. You have access to your on-line catalog of graphics and past orders, from the convenience of your desktop. You have the option, through your web-based portal, to "click and order" or "customize and order."

Your branded storefront gives users instant access to edit templates, get instant proofs, automate approval alerts, and order approved print on-demand. It is mobile-friendly, as well. Want a demonstration of our Online Storefront? Contact us.

6. Robust Capabilities

Digital or traditional printing? If you're looking to quickly and inexpensively produce printed materials that are environmentally friendly and easily edited, digital printing could be the best option for you. 

There are reasons when digital printing doesn’t make sense; for example, if you need a high quantity of materials produced, if you require extraordinarily high quality, exact color matching, or small print, you would probably opt for analog printing. Screen, offset, or dye sub are just a few of the non-digital printing options available to our customers.

Your printer should be able to handle anything you throw at them—from wall murals, window clings and banners, to counter cards and beverage coats.

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Nov 13, 2018 |

Topics: graphics, print, partner

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