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Using Fleet Graphics to Spread Awareness

While many industries are experiencing downturns during these tumultuous times, one which continues to perform at the highest level is transportation. It's the lifeblood of not only American business, but the life as we know it worldwide. 

As you consider how best to communicate with your audience, fleet spaces should be top of mind. While you likely already have permanent graphics on fleet vehicles, temporary graphics can allow you to continue illustrating what you’re doing to keep people safe and to support your community. Here's how.

Connecting Causes to Platforms

Many companies are already working hard to serve their customers and communities, and there's nothing wrong with spreading the word. Using your fleet space is a great way to connect you company's interests to a public platform, spreading awareness for good causes.

It is more important than ever for brands and businesses to communicate to their customers how they are making a difference in their communities. We see this happening through platforms like Driving Goodness, where you can find creative ways that companies have leveraged their fleets, even during off-hours, to make a positive impact. 

Learn More About Driving Goodness

The Fleet Industry During a Crisis

The fleet industry in America has been absolutely crucial during the pandemic. Fleet drivers have stepped up in a huge way, making sure that cities across the nation are stocked with the supplies they need. 

Temporary graphics can help remind your audience and your community that you’re on their team, with messaging that specifically mentions what you're doing to help and how others can lend a hand. Efficient communication and compassionate messaging is an important part of your brand identity, even more so now than ever. 

Taking the Physical to the Digital

To really bring your fleet graphics into the modern era, you can leverage digital technologies that benefit from increased exposure to your audience. Whether it's a website, job recruitment initiative, phone number, or social media following, physical media is a great way to keep fleet space working 24/7. By cross-referencing these sorts of initiatives with the route of fleet vehicles, you can gain valuable insight into how your initiatives are performing. 

To learn more about how The Vomela Companies is stepping up during this difficult time, visit our blog, or contact us today to learn how we can meet your needs.

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Jul 08, 2020 |

Topics: Fleet & Transit, transportation

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