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With Outdoor Advertising, Fleet Graphics Are in a League of Their Own

From our expert Dan Seliga, Fleet & Commercial Sales Rep at The Vomela Companies. Check out this content, as well as more content like it, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

A blank trailer is like an idle truck: an inefficient use of potential. The American Trucking Association has found that 98% of consumers think fleet graphics – anything from a company logo, to a product, to a catchy slogan – create a positive image for the company represented. Since most fleet vehicles stay within a given area, fleet graphics are a great way to target regional demographics while getting in front of a lot of eyes.

In addition to an engaging graphic, materials must also be considered based on the purpose. The right combination of adhesive and print substrate can create anything from a temporary decal to a permanent full-body wrap. No matter the company, no matter the need, a perfect combination of design and material is within reach. From design and engineering to production and installation, The Vomela Companies provide solutions for fleets of any size.

Aug 16, 2018 |

Topics: Fleet & Transit, fleet graphics, graphics

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