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4 Ways to Use Custom Boxes to Boost Employee Engagement in Remote Workers

What is employee engagement? It's the passion workers feel for their jobs. It's how committed they are to doing a good job for their organization. And it's how hard they are willing to work in order to get the job done. But it's not all one-sided: companies have to make their workers feel welcome, wanted, and valuable to boost their engagement.

Employee engagement has been a hot topic in human resources in recent years. And it's no wonder: it's far easier to retain the employees you have than to search for new ones! Not to mention that happy employees are more productive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the American workplace, giving more people more ways to work remotely. It's now even more important to stay connected with your employees and make them feel like a part of the team. Here are four ways that our customers are using our custom boxes to stay connected with their remote workers.

1. The Welcome Box

One of our clients uses our custom boxes to say hello to new employees. A fully remote company, they have employees all across the United States and needed a way to make people feel like they are a part of the team. The custom boxes include promotional items like a company shirt, tumbler, and USB drive plus homey items like a small succulent plant and a scented candle for their home office.

2. The Welcome Back Box

This kit is increasingly popular as companies return to the office. It includes all the essential items that an employee would need to keep themselves and their workplace clean. Hand sanitizer, wipes, a company branded mask, and new office protocols are all included. The worker is then all set to come back to the office on the specified date. 


3. The Business Meeting Box

No one likes to sit through long business meetings, and it's especially hard to keep people's attention when they aren't in the same room. Many of our customers use these boxes as a way to provide group breaks when the meeting stretches on. A tumbler to stay hydrated, a brain teaser to stay fresh, and a snack to keep from getting "hangry" are all included among other items.

4. The Remote Party Box

Employee engagement is about making people feel valued, and one this that's been difficult to do during the pandemic is the company party. One of our clients is currently planning a summer "luau" for their team that will use our custom boxes to provide the party atmosphere for a virtual call. Items will include drinks, a snack, drinkware, drink umbrellas, and a tealight for the luau atmosphere.

However you use our custom boxes, they are very helpful for reaching out to your employees. Contact us today to help you brainstorm on the right fit for your occasion.

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