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3 Celebrated Companies Combine Resources to Become Vomela Commercial Group

Transforming ideas into memorable brand experiences is what The Vomela Companies is all about. As a trusted commercial graphics and strategic printing partner, The Vomela Companies serves both globally-renowned and local brands. They provide end-to-end expertise delivering the highest quality graphics for any surface, at any scale.

Over the past six years, three commercial printing companies have been added to this nationwide network of companies: Elk Grove Graphics, Master Print and Tepel Brothers Printing. Each of these companies has been celebrated regionally for their history of success, highly skilled employees, and loyal customer bases. Since their acquisitions, each company has maintained its legacy branding and has continued to tell their own stories.

The formation of Vomela Commercial Group celebrates and promotes the combined strength and expertise of these companies. As we consider the changing needs of our customers, the dynamics of the competitive marketplace, and emerging technologies, The Vomela Companies recognizes this great opportunity to share our collective story.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. — Benjamin Franklin

Who is Vomela Commercial Group?

Acquired by The Vomela Companies in 2014, Master Print, Inc. is the oldest of the former commercial companies, having been founded in 1971 by David Dickens. Their 72,000 sqft facility is located in Newington, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. This branch of Vomela Commercial Group provides comprehensive printing solutions, including E-Commerce solutions, inventory/fulfillment, and distribution management.

Elk Grove Graphics joined The Vomela Companies in 2016 after being formed in 1977 by the Stanley family. Based out of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, in the suburbs of Chicago, this branch of Vomela Commercial Group will be moving into a new 63,000 sqft facility in Fall 2021. Merging technological advances with the best in commercial printing, this group provides customers with new marketing tactics and specializes in data-driven direct mail.

Started in 1989 by two brothers, Tepel Brothers Printing joined The Vomela Companies in 2017. This 64,000 sqft facility is located in Troy, Michigan, outside Detroit. This branch of Vomela Commercial Group specializes in UV printing, customized packaging, lenticular printing, and printing on unconventional substrates, like plastics.

An Important Note

This partnership will create efficiencies and synergy that allows us to provide a wider range of offerings to our customers in each location. But our commitment to our local markets, company culture, and client relationships won't change. As we continue transforming ideas into memorable brand experiences, we will remain focused first and foremost on the most important part of our business: our customers.

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