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Leveraging Intelligent Mailing Within Your Account Based Marketing Strategy

If you're in B2B sales, you likely have a list of the top 20 (or so) prospects you'd like to land. The strategy of targeting these best-fitting companies is called account based marketing (ABM). While not a new concept, this strategy is having a moment right now due to the rise of automation and the resulting ease of personalization and customization in marketing materials.

ABM can improve marketing return on investment and clearly attribute marketing efforts to conversions. But more than that, by providing a highly personalized experience to each customer, you maximize the effectiveness of your database and make each customer feel "seen."

Nowadays, everything is connected and this leads to a wealth of easily mined information at your fingertips. Your database doesn't have to stop at name, title, company, and address. You can capture details about each customer's industry, lifestyle, habits, and more. Although you have to be careful not to give yourself information overload, the more data you can find on each customer allows you to provide a truly custom solution for each.

So how does intelligent mailing fit into an ABM strategy? First is the most obvious: personalization. With intelligent mailing, you can customize your direct mail pieces en masse with nothing more than a spreadsheet! Each field you have can control a different line of type or even image on your mailing. For example, if I have an "Industry" field in my database, I can select a different image to appear on the cover of the brochure I'm designing. This way, I can position my product or service as a perfect fit for each industry that I'm selling to. It's much more impactful to receive a mail piece that speaks to you personally than one with generic images that have nothing to do with you.

The same goes for text in your mail piece. With all the information in your database, you can tailor entire paragraphs of copy to an industry, job title, experience level, or anything else you're tracking. You'll prompt much more engagement from your prospect by identifying what matters to them and providing the solutions they need.

The beauty of all this personalization and customization is that it is automated! Once again, your database is working for you. Smarter, not harder.

Vomela Commercial Group specializes in facilitating intelligent mailing campaigns for business of all sizes. Contact your sales representative or account manager for more details on how we can help you get the right kind of attention from your top prospects.

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