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3 Mistakes You're Making with Your Printer

We all make mistakes—it's only human, right? When it comes to your relationship with your printing partner, there are three major mistakes you're likely making. Read about them below and learn how to correct yourself to get the most out of your partnership.

Mistake #1: Thinking of them like a desktop printer.

Your print shop just takes your files and hits print, right? Wrong! There is a lot that goes into providing you with the best printed products possible. First, the prepress department evaluates your files to make sure they are properly set up for print. This includes making sure your files are readable in the right programs, you have bleeds included, and sometimes even color-correcting. Then, the press plates are made and the make-ready begins. Make-ready is the process of setting up an offset press for printing. It includes obtaining and maintaining the proper alignment of all color plates (this is called registration) and the proper balance of ink and water mix. Then, the press is ready to print the good copies that will be cut, folded, and bound per your job specs.

Instead of assuming your job will come out as you want it, make sure you provide as many details as possible when your job is being planned. These details, like the quantity, colors, sizes, and finishing, will not only provide you with the best estimate up front but will also set up your job for success as it moves through the print shop.


Mistake #2: Assuming they can't fulfill specialty projects.

When you have a printing partner that is as widely connected as Vomela Commercial Group, you have access to a wealth of resources beyond putting ink on paper. Within our shops we have the capability to print a wide variety of projects. From the basics, like business cards, letterhead, and brochures, to intelligent mail, custom boxes, and packaging, we can help you create impactful graphics for your business.

Within our network of sister companies, we can cover all your printing needs. This includes wide format printing, vehicle graphics, retail graphics, building wraps, and more. Ask your account managers about any projects you have, even if you think they are way outside our scope. Chances are that we actually CAN deliver what you're looking for!


Mistake #3: Not taking advantage of all they have to offer.

Our services go beyond printing to provide services that companies need—whether you realize it or not! We have an inventory department that provides fulfillment and kitting services. Our fulfillment team ships just-in-time orders to you as needed. Our kitting team collates and packs sets of materials that then get shipped out to you.

Our customized Storefront software can help you manage orders for different branches of your company that have different specifications and shipping addresses. We also have a resource for promotional products; pretty much anything you can think to put your logo on, we can get it for you!

Don't make these mistakes—be sure to loop in your account manager whenever you're planning so that we can help you get the best printed products!

Apr 28, 2021 |

Topics: direct mail

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